President: O’dell Moreno Owens, MD, MPH    
Executive Administrative Associate: Michelle Donaldson  

Executive Vice President: Carla Chance, JD
Executive Assistant: Kathleen Quinn

Academic Vice President: Monica Posey, EdD    
Executive Assistant: Janet Mitchell

Vice President for Finance/Treasurer: Michael Geoghegan, MBA, CPA    
Executive Asst./Purchasing Card Administrator: Tosha Duritsch

Vice President, Information Technology/CIO: David Hickey, EdD    
Executive Assistant: Jeanne Musick-Huber

Vice President, Marketing & Communications: Jean Manning, MA   

Interim Vice President, Student Enrollment & Development: Soni Hill
Executive Assistant: Lana Teetor


Business Technologies: Nick Nissley, EdD     
Center for Innovative Technologies: Doug Bowling      
Health & Public Safety: Jean M. Chappell, EdD     
Humanities & Sciences: Robbin Hoopes, JD

Associate Dean Enrollment and Student Devevelopment: Sharon Davis


Director of Government and Community Affairs: Nan Cahall
Director of Grant Administration: Lawra Bauman, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Anne Foster
Athletic Director: Tom Hathaway
Director of Cincinnati State Foundation: Casandra Cooper
Chief of Development: Elliott Ruther
Director of Human Resources: Betty Young
Director of Admission: Gabriele Boeckerman
Director of Financial Aid: LaSaundra Craig
Director of Distance Education: Jean Wisuri
Director of Dual Enrollment: Timothy Mott, Ph.D.
Director of Advising Center: Temesha Corbin