Tri State Transportation & Logistics Council

Tri State Transportation & Logistics Council

About TTLC

The Tri-State Transportation and Logistics Council connects you with government and economic development organizations to promote jobs, economic development, investment, and educational opportunities.

Pillars for Success

Build High Skill Workforce for Competitive Advantage

  • Develop Transportation & Logistics (T&L) related occupational needs assessment
  • Educate the Tri-State Region about the wide range of T&L occupations
  • Develop an employee “pipeline” via structured curriculum, marketing, and career programs
  • Implement a T&L internship program
  • Create career pathways
  • Seek grants and scholarships funding for job training programs that include incumbent and displaced workers
  • Seek funds to provide T&L scholarships, faculty funding, and program financing

Continue to Develop Advanced T&L Infrastructure

  • Facilitate implementation of regional road, rail, air and water improvements to enhance the movement of freight 
  • Attract enhanced international air freight service
  • Initiate roadway, Internet and utility improvements around the region's T&L industrial parks
  • Partner with the region’s transportation entities to seek funding for infrastructure projects

Infuse World-Class T&L Technology into the Region

  • Increase awareness and expertise in advanced T&L technologies via targeted education campaign
  • Develop an industry and application focused T&L solutions process
  • Implement a sustainable environmental program for the region's T&L industry

Foster a T&L friendly business environment

  • Create singular entity as a catalyst for industry growth
  • Establish T&L regional brand
  • Foster T&L business networks and seminars
  • Foster entrepreneurial growth
  • Improve regional economic development “tool kits” for T&L
  • Monitor and report on proposed changes to T&L rules, regulations, and laws
  • Maintain dialogue with Federal, State and Local government officials